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The C: SheWisdom

By Saresa Cooper Growing up, I can remember my mother saying, “The only real wisdom in life is knowing that you know nothing.” I never really understood what she meant by that until I reached adulthood. Life has a way of turning everything in your world upside down. When it comes to the ever-changing nature … Continue reading

The C: Resiliency

By Saresa Cooper “I’m tired of this mundane routine. Nothing ever changes. I’m ready for movement. I’m ready for change.” I can remember speaking to my mother as I complained about the state of my life and how I desperately needed something to change. I had a pre-law degree, so I thought why not start … Continue reading

The C: Courage to Live Our Hearts

By Saresa Cooper What is the basis of failure? Why do the things we hope or wish for diminish? What defers hope? Why me? These are all questions I am sure we all have asked ourselves at some point on our journeys. What is the cliché saying that “no one gets what they want all … Continue reading

The C: Our Power

By Saresa Cooper Everything we are and that is starts from within. How could anything be without first a thought of its existence? Everything both great, good or bad first came about because someone dared to think it. Nothing happens without a thought. The largest and smallest of things come to fruition simply because of … Continue reading

The C: What it Means to Me

By Saresa Cooper This column is about the “C” word. You’re thinking there are a lot of C words, and you’re right! However there is only one word that can stand alone when faced with adversity, atrocity and defeat. There is only one connecting point between our fears and our fantasies; you cannot discuss one … Continue reading