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Patricia Mazza: Ink with Inspiration

By Jenna Cicero There are artists, and there are tattoo artists. There are those who are inspired, and those who inspire. Patricia Mazza of Brooklyn Tattoo, born and raised in the ultimate “melting pot” of New York City, blends herself the perfect portions of artistry, muse, and culture into her profession. The blonde bombshell answers … Continue reading

An Interview with Abigail Larson

By Laura Kemmerer Reminiscent of illustration that could be found accompanying any of Poe’s works, artist Abigail Larson’s work is of a hauntingly beautiful quality.  I met Larson at Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicCon and was instantly struck by the command of color and unusual subject matter of her work, which includes— but is not limited to— … Continue reading