The Tao of You: Me, Myself, and My Self

By Kelsey Glass

There are parts of ourselves that we mentally separate from, but they are still a part of us. With awareness of these parts of ourselves, we can answer some of those existential questions: “Who are we? What makes us happy?” For this column, I will be referencing a book called “True Magick” by Amber K; it is a good read for those interested in different philosophies, or even those who are more spiritual than religious. For simplicity’s sake, we will be looking at these parts of our Selves in three categories: the self-conscious Self, the subconscious Self and the divine Self.

There is the self-conscious Self, or the “face Self”—the part of us people see at face value. This is where rational thought occurs, where we recognize some level of emotion, and where our basic motor function is held. This is the Self that most of us function within, sadly. It is the most resilient part of ourselves and serves as a kind of psychological wall to protect the deeper parts of our Self.

Then we come to the subconscious Self— the more ignored Self where intuition resides, where the peripheral nervous system functions; it is the home of deep emotion, memory and sensation. It is considered the more primal part of yourself. Many psychologists believe that acting upon these primal feelings and emotions is how we achieve our humanity. I see acting upon this subconscious Self as a means to be the best You you can be. When we listen to our intuition and act upon it, we may not like the result, but we will find ourselves in a better place than before.

Then there is the much disputed Self—the divine Self. This part has been referred to as the soul, but I would like to consider it the essential Self. It is that part of us that can tell the mood of a friend even before we see them; it is that part that gets uncomfortable around people you don’t even know. It is not conscious or subconscious; it is simply there and we have no control of it, so many people disregard it on a daily basis.

These three aspects of our Self are essentially all one. When we become aware of all of what we are, we can become more confident, more decisive, more strong-willed and strong-minded. We become powerful, independent people. With our Self in mind, we can find ourselves moving into new and exciting parts of our lives with renewed force, and with self-betterment in mind.

So, how do we get there? How do we harness all of our “Selves” as one? Since we naturally move through our face Self, let us move to our subconscious Self. Since this part of ourselves holds our intuition, deep emotions and memories, reflect on a memory of great joy, or even a sexual encounter. Most likely, you were not thinking during these events. Recall the sensations you felt at these times. Now let this state of mind become the state of mind you sit in. You may find it difficult, if not impossible at first, but do not be deterred.

You may find your mind quieting during this process, thoughts receding, and you are able to enjoy the quiet. If this is a hard task for you I recommend singing bowls or chanting; not only for its calming sounds, but for its abilities to allow you to relax.

Once you are able to connect with that part of your Self consciously, you can become more attuned to that part of yourself and be aware of it when it reacts within your daily life. The more you can recognize it, the more you can understand what your intuition is saying.

Then there is the act of recognizing your essential Self. This requires constant effort, but this will require less with time as you begin to make it a regular habit. It is very simple: be good, be kind and do what you believe to be right when presented with a challenging situation. This is obviously easier said than done, but this will also serve to develop your resolve. It also follows the practice of karma. You may find yourself seeking out people who already pursue this practice, and over time find yourself in less complicated situations.

These practices are ongoing, and your challenge this week is to try to put these practices into as many situations as you can. Seek out the voice inside, and the good choices. Make sure to give yourself a positive mental pat on the back whenever you are able to implement the practices; this will teach your body that these are good things, and even your physical Self will become aware of all it is capable of.


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