The C: SheWisdom

By Saresa Cooper

Growing up, I can remember my mother saying, “The only real wisdom in life is knowing that you know nothing.” I never really understood what she meant by that until I reached adulthood.

Life has a way of turning everything in your world upside down. When it comes to the ever-changing nature of life, wisdom says, “You can make it. You have made it every other time before.” We have to be reassured even when the road looks rough, and when we have no place to go. Wisdom is that calm force that tells us not only that we can make it, but it tells us how to make it!

Sometimes, it can be absolutely frightening to go through life because there are so many unknown curves and corners that derail you from your goals, dreams and aspirations. Wisdom tells you, “Your dreams are still possible. You may just have to achieve them in a different manner.”

Wisdom takes a lot of courage; it takes the ability to stand up for what your gut tells you is right. It takes the self-discipline to not always have to experience something in order to learn the lesson. Wisdom means I can see someone struggling or experiencing hard times because of their mistakes, and not having to repeat those mistakes because I was wise enough to learn from witnessing their experiences. Wisdom means having the courage to do what’s right when everything that surrounds tells you to do the wrong thing.

There is no substitute for wisdom. It is both a life saver and a comfort. Sometimes, it’s all you need in rough times. Wisdom keeps you from falling when you are faced with difficult decisions. Wisdom is the soft voice that tells you not to give up when that is all you want to do. Wisdom remembers; it does not forget. That is what makes it especially valuable. It remembers what your friend had to do to get where she is. It remembers hitting the stumble blocks because of the direction you took the last time. It remembers how you go around those blocks, so this time around it should be much easier.

The beauty of wisdom is that you can never have enough of it. It only gets better with time, and the more you apply it to your life. Wisdom does not allow you to fail; it enhances you when trusted. It gives you the answers that you cannot find anywhere else. The challenge, however, is being able to trust it—which only happens with courage. You have to have the courage to trust your experiences and that of others to help you maneuver through life’s difficulties and perplexities.


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